I gotta dump thoughts and things somewhere, and I like it here.

always stop and give yourself a little to reorganize and reflect. too much moment is eventually bad, isn't it?

as always, don't overthink it.

so these are the thoughts of an overthinking, weird,

making myself mess with this to make me un-zombiefy social media bullshit. I hate it, but wanna put it to use. its also a mess due to years of presenting myself oddly and keeping a "real" and "normie" side separate, huh. well I don't care about that anymore, just easing the two together the way I like is hard. The best part about all this is the contractor I'm currently working for haha

I suppose a good place to start would be the basics. I kinda got Facebook sorted. I want new pictures for Twitter and shit. I overthink the stupid shit. Like what to put in the bio, or the picture. who cares. I guess its just a self perception thing, something I normally don't care about and here I am for years being asked to care about it. I can't just "be me" when people only have the attention span to read that, huh? that or too many years of this have me thinking too much in terms of my "brand." eww.

really I just sound like an edgelord. can I just like put words there like

raving two-wheeled pastel psychonaut

you know I like that one for now. short, simple, to the point. I'll put it on Twitter and IG first. I'm also sitting here thinking, speaking of psychonaut, I should really get back on finding psychs. and take on something like meditation. I think it would do me and my messy head good. where should I dump this first, to... hmm... Twitter or IG would be good. And speaking of IG, I wanna like. Clean that up. Nuke some old cosplay stuff and make it a bit easier to approach I guess? not like I had a single crowd I really care about.

now for the picture. hard to think about. it should be silly, bright high contrast pastel, and involve motorcycles in some way? and a good way to meditate. how to. can I with music that isn't EDM. man EDM is nice. I wish I raved more back in the day but at least I can rave now lmao. also i'll leave this main page open. I want it to be the first thing I see in the morning. also I guess this suffices for now as some kind of diary. really I don't know what else I want to do for that for now. maybe I should make mine electronic and give up on old paper but old paper is such a universal format...

Yeah, let's focus. Let ideas for a picture float around... hey, what if I took pictures of me in my helmet and made a silouhetted vector HMM